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[Picture] The LuPUS Message Board consists of a number of forums dealing with SLE and Hughes' Syndrome. They are private forums which means it is a safe place to talk, free from spam and offensive posts. Registration is free and members have control over their own account preferences. A range of free psychological support is given by a qualified psychotherapist and counsellor.We use the simple, powerful and affordable DONATION software program from to track our organisation's donars and issue charitable receipts.

[Picture] London Lupus Centre has been designed to treat lupus patients from all over the world and is staffed by a group of physicians, all trained in the renowned St Thomas' Hospital Lupus Unit London, under the leadership of Professor Graham Hughes.

[Picture]Euro-lupus on line. For doctors.

[Picture]Autoimmunet. Resources in systemic autoimmune diseases. For doctors.

[Picture]Autoimmunet Mailing List. For doctors.

[Picture]Cambridge University Immunology. Immunology Home Page, University of Cambridge.

[Picture]Hammersmith Hospital Research Web Site

[Picture]Professor Jo Edwards: Research at University College, London

[Picture]  - This site includes information about lupus. It also has a Moderated List for discussion about lupus and lupus variant conditions.

[Picture]  - This is another source for information regarding lupus.

[Picture]Medical Student Resources:  - Medical Student Resources

[Picture] Alliance for Lupus Research

[Picture]         LUPUS UK, is the national association for lupus in the UK.            


Head Office
St James House,
Eastern Road,
Essex RM1 3NH

Tel: 01708-731251
Fax: 01708-731252

[Picture]Arthritis Care

[Picture] Arthritis Research UK

[Picture]European Lupus Erythematosus Federation For further information, please go to: ELEF

[Picture]British Society for Rheumatology


[Picture]Herts & Beds Lupus UK Group

[Picture]Greater Manchester Regional & Wigan Lupus UK Support Group

[Picture]Cornwall Lupus Group

[Picture]Arthritis Care

[Picture]Arthritis Research UK

[Picture]ILAR Rheumatology Information Site

[Picture]UK Health Resources

[Picture]Internet Resources for Nurses, Midwives & Allied Health Professionals

[Picture]Rheumatology Department at the University of Birmingham: Lupus Help!

[Picture]Research at University College, London

[Picture]Women's Health (Pregnancy)

[Picture] NetDoctor: A UK Health Site

[Picture]H.I.D.E. UK & Ireland - Hidradenitis Information Development and Exchange

[Picture]Sophie Lee's Irritable Bowel Syndrome Self-Help Web Site

[Picture]Health Line Web Site Site

[Picture] Nutritionist Resource

[Picture] Lung Disease & COPD


Lupus Mailing Lists

[Picture] Hamline Listserv Lupus-L and Lupus-R E-mail Discussion Lists
Lupus Moderated Listserv Group of Discussion Lists
Lupus Living mailing List (over 21)



Some Excellent North American Sites.

[Picture] Drug information. An excellent resource covering drugs and medication.

[Picture]Lupus topics.

[Picture]The Lupus Foundation of America This website has a wide range of information, including references to local chapters. Three, in particular, are outstanding, which are listed below.

[Picture]The Missouri Chapter Lupus Content Area.

[Picture]The Washington - Lupus Foundation of Greater Washington.

[Picture]American College of Rheumatology

[Picture]The Mining Company - Lupus

[Picture]John Hopkins Department of Medicine

[Picture]Lupus Canada

[Picture]Dr Daniel J. Wallace MD

[Picture]A Savvy Vasculitis

[Picture]Surviving Scleroderma

[Picture]H.I.D.E. CANADA - Hidradenitis Information Development and Exchange of Canada

[Picture]The American Pain Foundation

[Picture]Dr H.M. Belmont M.D.

[Picture]Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation Inc.

[Picture]Internet Resources for Sjogren's Syndrome.

[Picture]ALT.SUPPORT.LUPUS:Frequently Asked Questions

[Picture]>Social Security Disability Claims Help for individuals seeking information and/or help with representation from a US qualified disability attorney.

[Picture]> is a comprehensive health web directory.


Lupus Sites Around the World.

[Picture]lupusonline from Brazil


[Picture]Sally Cameron

[Picture]Behcet's Disease: a form of vasculitis

[Picture]UK Health Centre


[Picture]UK Self-Help

[Picture]Lupus Trust of New Zealand

[Picture]Lupus Care & Support Inc. Society, New Zealand

[Picture]Lupus Connections International

[Picture]We Have Lupus

[Picture]RemedyFind RemedyFind is a free, unbiased (not sponsored by drug companies etc) where individuals can rate the effectiveness of the Lupus treatments they have tried.


Health Information Services

NHS Direct Tel: 0845 4647


Miscellaneous Links

[Picture] - browse the Keyword Map of [Picture]The Acne Resource Centre An informational resource about acne; how it develops, the science behind it and how to cope.

UK Information Database

Specialist Support Groups

These are small organisations. Please send a SAE.

Arachnoiditis Trust
PO BOX 27, Stoneycroft,
Liverpool L13 5RS
Tel: 0151 259 0222

Arthrogryposis Group
Conditions of multiple joint deformities present at birth
1, The Oaks,
Dorset SP8 4SW
Tel: 01747 822655

Bone Dysplasia Group
C/o Child Growth Foundation
2 Mayfield Avenue,
Chiswick, London W4 1PW
Tel: 0181 995 0257

British Sjogren's Syndrome Association
Madeline Ford,
Unit 1,
Manor Workshops,
West End,
Nailsea BS48 2DD
Tel: 01275 854215

Dermatomyositis & Polymyositis Support Group
146, Newtown Road,
Hants SO19 9HR
Tel: 01703 449708

Ehlers-Danlos Support Group
Restless Leg Syndrome
Mrs. Valerie Burrows
2, The Green,
Bury St. Edmonds,
Suffolk 1P29 4UE
Tel: 01284 850281

Fibromyalgia Association UK
PO Box 206,
West Midlands DY9 8YL
Tel: 01384 820052
Benefits helpline
Tel: 012540832463

Kawasaki Syndrome Support Group
Marfan Association UK
Rochester House,
5, Aldershot Road,
Hants. GU13 9NG
Tel: 01252 810472
Ansaphone: 01252 617320

Stairlifts Review Stairlifts Review website gives useful information on stairlifts for the disabled, including grants.

Mesothelioma Help

Mesothelioma information and legal resource

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society (NASS)
Unit 0.2, One Victoria Villas




Tel: 020 8948 9117



RCN: 272258 / SC 041347

National Association for the Relief of Paget's Disease
1, Church Road,
Manchester M30 0DL
Tel: 0161 707 9225

National Back Pain Association
16, Elm Tree Road,
Middlesex TW11 8ST
Tel: 0181 977 5474

National Osteoporosis Society
Linda Edwards,
PO Box 10,
Bath BA3 3YB
Tel: 01761 471771
Helpline: 01761 472721

Pain Concern (UK)
PO Box 318,
Kent CT2 0GD
Tel: 01227 712183
Helpline: 01227 710412

Pain Relief Foundation
Rice Lane,
Liverpool L9 1AE
Tel: 0151 523 1486

Painwise UK
33, Kingsdown Park,
Kent CT5 2DT
Tel:01227 277993

Perthes Association
42, Woodland Road,
Guildford GU1 1RW
Tel: 01483 306637

Polyarteritis (Vasculitis)
M. Gentle
15, Chepstow Grove,
Birmingham B4 8EG
Tel: 0121 453 3349 (eves)

Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Foundation
The Dean,
East Lothian EH32 0PN
Tel: 01875 853552

Psoriatic Arthropathy Alliance
PO Box 111, St Albans,
Herts AL2 3JQ
Tel: 01923 672837

Raynaud's and Scleroderma Association
Anne Mawdsley MBE,
112, Crewe Road,
Cheshire ST7 2JA
Tel: 01270 872776

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Support Line
Tel: 01276 858253 (Mon 9am - noon)
Tel: 01276 885837 (Thurs 9am - noon)
Childrens' helplines (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Support)
Mrs J. Chave,
9 South Cliff,
Bexhill, TN39 3EJ
Tel: 01424 730336

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Association
Chapel House,
152, High Street,
West Drayton,
Middx UB7 7BE
Tel: 01895 431134 (11.30am-4.0pm, Mon-Fri, or answerphone)

Restricted Growth Association (includes children)
PO Box 8,
Leicestershire LE8 5ZS
Tel: 0116 247 8913

Sarcoidosis Assoc UK
Neuro sarcoidosis support group
Mrs Anita Cook,
19, Ashurst Close,
St Helens WA11 9DN
Tel: 01744 28020

Scleroderma Society
Mrs Pamela Webster
61, Sandpit Lane,
St Albans AL1 4EY
Tel: 01727 855054

Scoliosis Association UK
2, Ivebury Court,
325, Latimer Road,
London W10 6RA
Tel: 0181 964 5343
Helpline: 0181 964 1164 (Mon-Thurs 10am-2pm)

SILA (Sarcoidosis and Interstitial Lung Assoc)
Chest Clinic Office,
Dulwich Hospital,
East Dulwich Grove,
London ESE22 8PT
Tel: 0171 737 4000 x6343

STIFF (Fibromyalgia)
21, Hillside Drive,
Staffs ST13 8JQ
Tel: 01782 562366 (answering service)

Stuart Strange Trust for vasculitis
Mrs S. Fisher Fisher,
14, Elthorne Way,
Newport Pagnall,
Bucks MK16 0JH

General Organisations

Arthritis Research Camapign (ARC)
Copeman House,
St Mary's Court,
St Mary's Gate,
Derbyshire S41 7TD
Tel: 01246 558033

British Council of Disabled People (BCODP)
Campaigns for the rights of disabled people
Lichurch Plaza,
Lichurch lane,
Derby DE24 8AA
Tel: 01332 295551

Disablement of local DIALs are in the telephone directory, or available from:
Park Lodge,
St Catherine's Hospital,
Tickhill Road,
Doncaster DN4 8QN
Tel: 01302 310123

Unit 12,
City Forum,
250, City Road,
Tel: 0171 250 3222

Northern Ireland:
Disability Action
2, Annadale Avenue,
Belfast BT7 3JH
Tel: 01232 491011

Disability Scotland:
Princes House,
5, Shadwick Place,
Edinburgh EH2 4RG
Tel: 0131 229 8632

Disability Wales:
Llys Ifor,
Crescent Road,
Caefilly CF83 1XL
Tel: 01222 887325


Children's Chronic Arthritis Association (CCAA)
The Headquarters,
47, Battenhall Avenue,
Worcester WR5 2HN
Tel: 01905 763556

Young Arthritis Care's Parent group in N. Ireland
Briege Gault (Sec),
21, Upton Park,
Belfast BT10 0LZ
Tel: 01232 622050

Lady Hoare Trust for physically disabled children
Social work support for families of children with arthritis
87, Worship Street,
London EC2A 2BE
Tel: 0171 377 7567

Complementary Therapies

Institute for Complementary Medicine
Send large SAE, stating the therapy for a list of qualified practitioners
PO Box 194,
Tavern Quay,
London SE16 1qz
Tel: 0171 237 5165


Disabled Living Centres
40 demonstration resource centres throughout the country. details from:

Disabled Living centres Council
1st Floor,
11, Cranmer Road,
London SW9 6EJ
Tel: 0171 820 0567

380-384 Harrow Road,
London W9 2HU
Tel: 0171 289 6111

Finance and Benefits

Benefits Agency
Benefit Enquiry Line for disabled people
Tel: 0800 882200 (Available 8.30am-6.30pm Mon-Fri; 9am-1pm Sat)

Mobility and Transport

Banstead Mobility Centre
Supplies lists of assessment centres and driving instructors
Damson Way,
Fountain Drive,
Orchard Hill,
Queen Mary's Avenue,
Surrey SM5 4NR
Tel:0181 770 1151