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Qualifying from the London Hospital, Dr Hughes spent two years as a fellow with Dr Charles Christian in New York where he worked on diagnostic tests for lupus. In 1970, he returned to the Hammersmith Hospital where he set up Europe's first lupus clinic, moving this and the Lupus Research Unit to St Thomas' Hospital, London. in 1985. He is life president of Lupus UK and a member of the American Lupus Hall of Fame. He has published ten books on lupus and related disorders and is editor of the international journal, LUPUS: An International Journal. In 1993, Dr Hughes and his team won the international prize in rheumatology (awarded every four years by the International League Against Rheumatism - ILAR) for their discovery of the antiphospholipid syndrome - the clotting disorder which includes thrombosis and recurrent miscarriages occurring in Lupus and other diseases. In recognition, the antiphospholipid syndrome is now known as Hughes' Syndrome, confirmed at the 4th International Conference of Antiphospholipid Antibodies in Leuven.

Understanding Lupus is published by Julia Schofield Consultants Limited and is now available for £9.95 plus £1.20 postage and packing (remittance in UK pounds only). Orders should be sent (complete with a cheque for £11.15 made out to Julia Schofield Consultants Ltd) to Julia Schofield Consultants Ltd.) A CR-ROM (in PC format only) is also available. Prices are available to the address marked below or by email to marked "FAO: Robert Kirk - Lupus CD-ROM".

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