Lupus: the Facts

The Facts

Graham RV Hughes MD FRCP, Consultant Rheumatologist and Head of the Lupus Research Unit, St Thomas's Hospital, London

112 pages, 196mm x 129mm
Series: The Facts
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Publication date: 09-12-1999
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Readership: Lupus sufferers world-wide, and their family and friends. There are numerous self-help groups throughout the world (Lupus The Facts will carry the endorsement of Lupus UK)

 Lupus is a disorder of the immune system, and one which affects an enormous
number of people worldwide (there are 1 million sufferers in the USA alone),
and is far more prevalent than many better known illnesses (such as MS and
leukemia). From a worldwide authority on the subject, Lupus: The Facts
provides the sufferer with the information they need, on a range of issues,
such as diagnosis, treatment, pregnancy, and diet. Drawn from his years of
experience treating patients, Dr Hughes provides the sufferer, and their
family and friends, with concise, readable, information on the illness, with a
book that emphasises the immense positive contribution that they can make to
improve their situation.